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Character Sheet Format (WIP) Empty Character Sheet Format (WIP)

Post by Truly_An_Cat on Sat Jan 24, 2015 7:21 am

Suzuka Kouji
Rainbow Paint Knight 

21/21 Resolve || 0/5 Wounds || 6/13 Oblivion Seeds
Normal Attributes ||
Charm: 3
Insight: 5
Tenacity: 7
Magical Attributes ||
Magic (Support): 4
Heart (Attack): 6
Fury (Defense): 9
6/Technicolor Yawn/Graphical Glitch
0/Bloody Eyes/None
Knight Specialization:
Free Action, 1 Overcharge (Defense)
If you are in the same position as an enemy and they attempt to move out of that position, you can make a Support vs. Support challenge. If you win, they are unable to move out of your position.


Free Action
Once per round, if you successfully attack a target, you play put a Reflector effect on yourself or an ally within a range of 0-2. The reflector lasts until the end of your next turn. While it is active, any time an enemy successfully attacks the bearer, they ignore up to 3 points of damage from the attack, and the attacker takes those points of damage.
Basic Magical Talents:
Free Action, 3/Scene, 1 Overcharge
When making a magical challenge, you can take 1 Overcharge on the magical attribute you’re using for the challenge to roll
an additional die and add it to your result. This die will give you another die and another point of Overcharge if it rolls a 6
as usual, and if you use it for an attack it gives +2 to the attack’s damage as usual.
If you have trouble keeping track of how many uses of Boost you have in a scene, you might set 3 special dice out in front of
you at the start of each scene, and remove them as you use them.

While out of combat, a magical girl can use this to regain 1d6+2 Resolve.
Common Magical Talents:
When you or an ally are being hit with an attack, you can take 1 Support overcharge to reduce the damage by 5. You can take up to 3 Overcharge this way for one attack.
Knight Magical Talents:
Free Action, 1/Scene
When you have just been hit by an attack but before damage is rolled, use this talent to add +6 to your defense Result. If it is enough to exceed the attacker’s Result, they miss and cannot boost their roll any further.
Second Wind

Minor Action, 1/Scene
Regain 2d6 Resolve and get +1 to Defense challenges until the start of your next turn.

What Kind of Girl Are You?:
Insecure, Outcast, Street Artist.
What Caused You to Make a Pact?:
To make beautiful art. And fight alongside my friends.
What is Your Wish?:
Magical Element / Weapon / Power
Colour / Aerosol Paint / True Writing

This is how I write. Clearly, I am a rambling thinker.

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