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Mikas Magical Massacre Empty Mikas Magical Massacre

Post by Itchigotchi on Tue Jan 27, 2015 1:47 am

So I tried running a scene with a friend of mine.
They're a Witch class, fire element, sup/def/atk all 6.
I honestly don't know if I followed the rules correctly, and I THINK I may have bent them to make the youma harder once I realized I hadn't made any minions for it.

[3:39:09 PM] Butterscotchi:The world shook and trembled, pieces of plaster falling from the classroom ceiling.
[3:39:09 PM] Butterscotchi: "Its an earthquake!"
[3:39:14 PM] Butterscotchi: One of the students yelled
[3:39:25 PM] Butterscotchi: and the teacher nodded, asking everyone to hide underneath their desks
[3:39:39 PM] Butterscotchi: But, out the window, Mika could see it was no earthquake.
[3:40:01 PM] Butterscotchi: Unlike the rest of the mundane world, Mika could see Youma- giant evil spirits who wreaked havoc on mankind.
[3:40:06 PM] Butterscotchi: And it was her job to stop them.

[3:40:50 PM] Butterscotchi: A small grey mouse with bright green, unblinking eyes poked its head out of Mikas bag- this was her Tsukaima, an otherworldly alien race with whom she'd made a contract to become a magical girl.
[3:41:13 PM] Butterscotchi: "Mika, you better excuse yourself from class and get going- this youma is making a lot of mess"
[3:43:11 PM] Chuck Norris: "All right, I'll get rid of this Youma."

Mika walks out of class into the city to see this monster and notices a glowing object in her bag.
[3:43:57 PM] Butterscotchi: The teacher chased after Mika, because she didnt ask to be excused, or explain anything.
"What are you doing!? You need to stay safe, in school!"
[3:44:41 PM] Chuck Norris: "I need to do this!"
Mika runs into the city.
[3:46:31 PM] Butterscotchi: The teacher reached out to grab her students arm, but missed.
"I am going to call your parents, Mika! Stay safe!" She yelled after the girl, more worried than angry.
[3:47:18 PM] Butterscotchi: The grey mouse popped out of her schoolbag again, its name was Plenta "Woah, that was a close one!"
[3:47:53 PM] Butterscotchi: It passed up the glowing object in her bag, a jewel which was red
[3:47:57 PM] Butterscotchi: "Time to transform!"
[3:48:44 PM] Chuck Norris: Mika notices a light shining out of the object which filled up the whole room, merging in with her.
[3:49:45 PM] Butterscotchi: Mika was outside, but the light did indeed glow around her.
The bright object filled the air with fiery light, and formed the shape of a fanciful dress over her body. (You describe her magical girl outfit)
[3:50:11 PM] Chuck Norris: (Yes.)
[3:51:26 PM] Chuck Norris: Mika notices a monster with the object changing her personality.
[3:51:35 PM] Butterscotchi: (Um, no.)
[3:51:42 PM] Butterscotchi: (I'm in charge of the monster.)
[3:52:10 PM] Chuck Norris: Mika notices her new dress.
"Wow, I never seen something like this before."
[3:52:12 PM] Butterscotchi: The youma glided around the city streets, occasionally smashing things and stomping, causing earthquake-like rumbles.
[3:52:34 PM] Butterscotchi: (Ok, so you're not going to describe the dress? Thats ok! I can describe it if you cant think of anything)
[3:52:54 PM] Chuck Norris: (I was speaking in character as she never saw her own transformation before.)
[3:53:46 PM] Butterscotchi: (I know, thats why you had " " either side of when she spoke. You can describe her dress from third person though)
[3:53:55 PM] Butterscotchi: (I feel like maybe you havent done much of this before)
[3:55:29 PM] Butterscotchi: Plenta shrugged when Mika seemed surprised "Well, when you get ready to do battle, you automatically transform into your magical girl outfit"
[3:55:34 PM] Butterscotchi: "Thats just how magic works"
[3:55:45 PM] Butterscotchi: It shrugged again, and crawled up onto her shoulder for a better view
[4:03:31 PM] Chuck Norris: (A talking mouse? Razz)
[4:04:21 PM] Butterscotchi: (Its a Tsukaima- did you read the manual? Its that thing that gave you your powers. Its not a mouse, actually, its just kinda looks like one. You know its an alien actually)
[4:04:35 PM] Chuck Norris: (Oh yes.)
[4:05:10 PM] Butterscotchi: "well, what are you waiting for?"
[4:05:15 PM] Chuck Norris: Mika walks up to the monster knowing now how magic works.
[4:05:36 PM] Butterscotchi: As Mika got closer to the monster, reality seemed to warp and twist a little.
[4:05:44 PM] Butterscotchi: Fluff started coming down from the sky and walking around
[4:05:57 PM] Butterscotchi: The pavement shifted and cracked, like pieces of ice, pulling itself apart
[4:06:39 PM] Butterscotchi: The buildings shrunk and shriveled until they were simply black metal trees, leafless and derelict, standing in the sea of grey-black water
[4:06:52 PM] Butterscotchi: Mika was entering the Youmas nightmare.
[4:07:00 PM] Chuck Norris: "This is getting weird now. First it's winter, now it's all metal."
[4:07:19 PM] Chuck Norris: Mika walks in closer into the Youmas nightmare.
[4:07:28 PM] Butterscotchi: Plenta piped up again "Oh, yes, so this is a nightmare. Youma set these up to protect themselves. Its kinda like another realm that only magic things can enter into"
[4:08:01 PM] Butterscotchi: "Its actually quite dangerous, And I dont like the look of that water"
[4:08:12 PM] Butterscotchi: It peered down at what the roads had become- slick black liquid
[4:08:20 PM] Chuck Norris: "I see, that water looks disgusting."
[4:08:21 PM] Butterscotchi: The pavement floated on it, in chunks.
[4:08:47 PM] Butterscotchi: It didn't look particularly safe to cross.
[4:09:10 PM] Chuck Norris: "Plenta, how do I get around here?"
[4:09:29 PM] Butterscotchi: "Well, your magical powers don't exactly involve flight"
[4:09:35 PM] Butterscotchi: It didn't give a very helpful answer.
[4:09:42 PM] Butterscotchi: "So, I guess you better watch your step"
[4:09:54 PM] Butterscotchi: ((Do you have some d6's on you?))
[4:10:54 PM] Chuck Norris: Yes.
[4:11:07 PM] Chuck Norris: (Yes.)
[4:11:29 PM] Chuck Norris: (How many?)
[4:12:42 PM] Butterscotchi: (two, roll them, then add your insight value- I want to see how much insight you have as to how to get around this nightmare)
[4:14:39 PM] Chuck Norris: (What's insight again?)
[4:15:18 PM] Chuck Norris: (Send me the file again?)
[4:16:10 PM] Butterscotchi: Dude, didn't you send the file to me?
[4:16:35 PM] Butterscotchi: ((Never mind, your insight is apparently 4. Just tell me the results of your dice rolls?))
[4:17:33 PM] Chuck Norris: (d6 9 + 4 = 13)
[4:18:55 PM] Butterscotchi: Mika noticed that although the pavement appeared to be slippery pieces of ice floating in the sea, that the piece she was currently standing on was relatively stable. Ice was a lot bigger beneath the surface, and she didn't seem to weigh enough to tip the pieces over.
[4:20:03 PM] Butterscotchi: Plenta piped up, again "Also, did you know, you can use magic to make things easier for yourself, possibly. " It looked sideways "...It might not always turn out as you intend, but you can always try"
[4:20:38 PM] Chuck Norris: "Thanks Plenta, I'll be careful."
[4:20:46 PM] Chuck Norris: (Roll again?)
[4:22:25 PM] Butterscotchi: (If you want to make a sorcery check, first you gotta describe what you intend to do, I'll tell you if its easy/hard/etc. and then you roll 2d6 + support (which for you is 6))
[4:22:43 PM] Butterscotchi: ((The higher you roll, the closer it is to being exactly what you want))
[4:22:59 PM] Chuck Norris: (I want to make a pathway.)
[4:23:59 PM] Butterscotchi: (that will be moderately hard- your element is fire, so you might accidentally melt the ice-pavement. Get over 16 in total to completely succeed)
[4:25:14 PM] Chuck Norris: (d6 8 + 6 = 14)
[4:25:18 PM] Chuck Norris: (Welp! Razz)
[4:26:38 PM] Butterscotchi: As Mika concentrated, she felt warm magic trickle out of her fingertips, running towards the ice-pavement
[4:27:21 PM] Butterscotchi: None of the blocks moved one single bit, however, something DID take notice of her, from deep within the nightmare-zone, the Youma stirred
[4:27:39 PM] Butterscotchi: It had felt her magic, and was going to track her down
[4:28:19 PM] Butterscotchi: Plenta gave Mika a 'oh, sorry' kind of look. "Looks like you've attracted its attention by trying to move its home around"
[4:28:23 PM] Chuck Norris: Mika sensed the monster's presence then runs to a more secured area.
[4:29:25 PM] Butterscotchi: ((Also, you've strained your character accidentally- take 1 point of overcharge on your Magic attribute. These will build up and eventually cool stuff happens, so write it down somewhere))
[4:29:54 PM] Butterscotchi: There are a few places Mika could go- the twisted metal-trees, to stay on the pavement, or go into the water.
[4:30:20 PM] Chuck Norris: Mika hides in the twisted metal trees.
[4:31:15 PM] Butterscotchi: The trees seem to be easy enough to climb, but since they have no leaves, Mika can't hide very well. It is a good vantage point, though.
[4:31:48 PM] Butterscotchi: In fact, she can even see the top of the Youmas head, which is sharp and icy-looking, progressing through the swampy nightmare
[4:32:54 PM] Butterscotchi: Plenta jumped off Mikas shoulder and into the branches of the tree. Since it was grey, and small, it was much harder to notice.
"You need to fight it, or you'll never get out of here." It said, almost sounding happy somehow "But, I'm going to stay back here."
[4:33:39 PM] Butterscotchi: "When you kill it, it will drop an oblivion seed. Don't forget to pick it up! Think of that as a small prize for having saved all these people."
[4:34:33 PM] Butterscotchi: ((You've got time to do one more thing before you get into battle with the ice-youma))
[4:34:38 PM] Chuck Norris: "Thanks Plenta, I'll fight this beast."
(Can I still fight even if I'm strained?)
[4:35:01 PM] Butterscotchi: ((Of course! You can build up up to 10 overcharge points on each stat- heart/magic/fury ))
[4:36:50 PM] Chuck Norris: Mika jumps on top of the spike of Youmas' head.
[4:37:06 PM] Butterscotchi: ((Alright, heres how this works, you go first, you have a minor action and a major action each turn. Moving is a minor action, so, now, make a major action))
[4:37:41 PM] Butterscotchi: Mika jumps surprisingly well, and lands with a crunch onto the Youmas head.
[4:38:36 PM] Butterscotchi: ((Major actions can be an attack, a disengage, a revive, any minor action, or any of your abilities that say 'major action'))
[4:39:01 PM | Edited 4:39:20 PM] Chuck Norris: Mika uses Blast Strike to hurl a fireball on the Youmas.
[4:41:07 PM] Butterscotchi: ((Okay, roll 2d6 + atk to see if your attack hits))
[4:42:02 PM] Chuck Norris: (2d6 8 + 6 (atk) = 14)
[4:44:03 PM] Butterscotchi: The Youma attempted to defend itself, by making its head more icy
[4:44:35 PM] Butterscotchi: ((2d6 + def = 5+4 = 9))
[4:45:05 PM] Butterscotchi: Unfortunately, it didn't manage to defend itself at all, and whined angrily as it took damage.
[4:46:26 PM] Butterscotchi: ((Roll one d6 + 2 for damage, and take one overcharge to fury))
[4:47:08 PM] Chuck Norris: (So like minusing one off Fury?)
[4:47:49 PM] Butterscotchi: ((No, its not a minusing thingy, its just like, a number that builds up, against fury/heart/magic, and sometimes I will make it go back down by giving you fallout))
[4:48:05 PM] Chuck Norris: (So I add one to fury?)
[4:48:12 PM] Butterscotchi: ((But, for example if you reach 10 overcharge on magic without incurring any fallout, you instantly explode like an atom bomb))
[4:48:41 PM] Butterscotchi: ((you currently have 1 fury overcharge, and 1 magic overcharge))
[4:49:41 PM] Chuck Norris: (Added an overcharge.)
[4:49:47 PM] Butterscotchi: ((Its ok, I'll keep track of your overcharge- it doesn't change the rest of your stats at all))
[4:49:58 PM] Butterscotchi: (9But anyway, tell me what you rolled for damage!))
[4:50:57 PM] Chuck Norris: (1 d6 5 + 2 = 7)
[4:51:49 PM] Butterscotchi: The fireball hissed and melted against the icy spike on the youmas head, and the spike itself seemed to slump and melt- turning from a sharp icicle to something more like a sad icecream.
[4:52:34 PM] Chuck Norris: Your turn.
[4:53:45 PM] Butterscotchi: It attempted to swipe at Mika, ducking and lifting a giant polar-bear like paw over its head. ((2d6+ atk = 4 + 5 = 9- now you roll to defend against that))
[4:54:22 PM] Chuck Norris: (So two d6 plus def?)
[4:54:32 PM] Butterscotchi: ((Yup.))
[4:55:34 PM] Chuck Norris: (2d6 9 + 6 (def) = 15)
[4:56:01 PM] Chuck Norris: (Assuming Heart.)
[4:56:12 PM] Butterscotchi: It was a super awkward angle to try to attack at, and the paw whipped over Mikas head harmlessly.
[4:56:59 PM] Butterscotchi: The youma, didn't have enough time left to move before Mika took her next action. (your turn)
[4:57:19 PM] Chuck Norris: (Attack?)
[4:57:56 PM] Butterscotchi: (If you want. You've got a minor action and major action to spend)
[4:58:55 PM | Edited 4:59:16 PM] Chuck Norris: (2d6 5 + 6 = 11 + 6 (atk) = 17)
[4:59:44 PM] Butterscotchi: (Are you making a basic attack?)
[5:00:08 PM] Chuck Norris: (Using major which is Blast Strike.)
[5:00:27 PM] Butterscotchi: (Oh, ok, blast strike again)
[5:00:43 PM] Chuck Norris: (Yeah.)
[5:01:50 PM] Butterscotchi: The Youma attempted to defend itself against the flaming fireballs pounding down on its head ( 2d6 + def = 7 + 4 = 11)
[5:01:57 PM] Butterscotchi: But it totally failed.
[5:02:10 PM] Butterscotchi: (Also, one of your dice rolled a 6, which means you get to roll it again)
[5:02:20 PM] Butterscotchi: (And add that roll to yours)
[5:02:35 PM] Chuck Norris: (So I roll one more d6 and add atk to it?)
[5:03:01 PM] Butterscotchi: (dont add atk, just roll another d6 and add it to your previous total)
[5:03:17 PM] Butterscotchi: (So, d6 + 17 = ..?)
[5:03:25 PM] Chuck Norris: (d6 3 = 20)
[5:03:59 PM] Butterscotchi: The icy fireballs were extremely effective, and Mika smashed them into the Youmas head again and again, watching the spike melt away to almost nothing.
[5:04:42 PM] Butterscotchi: The youma was now some sort of toad shape, with polar bear paws, and it splashed about angrily in the swamp, preparing to make some serious attacks now that it had been injured.
[5:05:18 PM] Butterscotchi: (Also, take an overcharge to fury again- when you roll a 6, you get to add another roll, but have to get an overcharge point in whatever type of roll you just did)
[5:05:36 PM] Chuck Norris: (So two overdrives to Fury?)
[5:06:06 PM] Butterscotchi: (Yup, thats what you have so far)
[5:07:03 PM] Butterscotchi: The Youma thrashed around angrily, and spent some of its energy to take two major actions this turn--
[5:07:17 PM] Chuck Norris: (Oh no.)
[5:09:03 PM] Chuck Norris: (Youma's turn. Razz)
[5:10:09 PM] Butterscotchi: The water sprung up around the Youma, black and sticky, attempting to attack and bind Mika (2d6 + 5 = 8 + 5 = 13 Roll to defend)
[5:11:05 PM] Chuck Norris: (2d6 6 + 6 = 12 + 6 (def) = 18)
[5:11:17 PM] Butterscotchi: ((You seriously just rolled 2 6's??))
[5:11:24 PM] Chuck Norris: (Yes!)
[5:11:34 PM] Butterscotchi: ((Okay, well, roll both of them again, and add))
[5:11:43 PM] Butterscotchi: ((Not that it matters anyway, geez!))
[5:12:01 PM] Butterscotchi: (so, 2d6 + 18 = ...?)
[5:12:14 PM] Chuck Norris: (What happens if you get a six after the first?)
[5:12:36 PM] Butterscotchi: (You just keep rolling and adding till you no longer get 6's)
[5:13:00 PM] Chuck Norris: (2d6 6 + 6 = 12 + 18 = 30)
[5:13:16 PM] Butterscotchi: (Two more sixes?? Seriously??)
[5:13:21 PM] Chuck Norris: (Yes.)
[5:13:27 PM] Butterscotchi: ((Okay, go again!))
[5:13:50 PM] Chuck Norris: (2d6 2 + 2 = 4 + 30 = 34)
[5:14:03 PM] Butterscotchi: ((Every time you're rolling a 6, you're taking a point of heart overcharge, so, thats 4 so far))
[5:14:09 PM] Butterscotchi: OKAY
[5:14:26 PM] Butterscotchi: The black muck seemed to splinter and dissolve when it even came CLOSE to the firey magical girl
[5:14:44 PM] Butterscotchi: Burst of flames shot out of her, smashing the liquid and turning it into steam instantly
[5:14:56 PM] Chuck Norris: (Fucking overkill)
[5:15:01 PM] Butterscotchi: (ikr!)
[5:16:05 PM] Butterscotchi: The youma sensed this was not a great plan, and took one final attempt at smacking the magical girl off its head, using a shockwave.
[5:16:38 PM] Butterscotchi: (2d6 + atk = 3 + 5 = 8, roll to defend again)
[5:17:31 PM] Chuck Norris: (2d6 1 + 5 = 6 + 6 (def) = 12)
[5:18:33 PM] Butterscotchi: Unfortunately, it seemed unable to disengage, and the shockwave rumbled harmlessly away through the rest of the city.
[5:18:42 PM] Butterscotchi: Okay, maybe not so harmlessly, but it certainly didn't hit Mika
[5:19:57 PM] Butterscotchi: (your turn)
[5:20:41 PM] Chuck Norris: (2d6 1 + 4 = 5 + 6 (atk) = 11)
[5:20:56 PM] Butterscotchi: (Cmon, at least describe what you're doing)
[5:21:13 PM] Chuck Norris: Mika throws a fireball at Youmas' head.
[5:21:25 PM] Chuck Norris: Using Burst Strike.
[5:22:38 PM] Butterscotchi: (2d6, 2 + 5 = 7 + 4 = 11)
[5:22:49 PM] Butterscotchi: This time, the youma grinned widely.
[5:23:01 PM] Chuck Norris: (Tie breaker?)
[5:23:24 PM] Butterscotchi: Her fireball had no effect (nah, you gotta beat the defence)
[5:23:50 PM] Butterscotchi: (You still have a minor action you can take)
[5:24:06 PM] Chuck Norris: (So basic attacks can count as minor?)
[5:24:22 PM] Butterscotchi: (nah, they're major as well.)
[5:24:52 PM] Chuck Norris: (What's minor apart from moving around?)
[5:24:59 PM] Butterscotchi: (minor actions are like, hex, for a witch)
[5:25:15 PM] Chuck Norris: (What does hex do?)
[5:26:05 PM] Butterscotchi: (It puts a curse on the youma, so it loses 1 point of damage each battle round- sortof like poison in pokemon)
[5:27:00 PM] Chuck Norris: Mika places a hex spell on the Yousma, thinking it will slowly weaken him down if fireballs are no longer ineffective.
[5:28:27 PM] Butterscotchi: A red star shape blinked out from Mikas fingertip, embedding itself into the Youmas hide. The curse had begun.
[5:29:15 PM] Chuck Norris: Your turn.
[5:31:40 PM] Butterscotchi: The youma growled and grunted, swiping at Mika again, with a hairy, black-muddy paw
[5:32:14 PM] Butterscotchi: (2d6 + atk = 6 +5 = 11)
[5:33:34 PM] Chuck Norris: (2d6 4 + 1 = 5 + 6 (def) = 11)
[5:36:38 PM] Butterscotchi: Although the attack failed, the youma pulled itself up in another burst of action, to attack again
[5:37:22 PM] Butterscotchi: (2d6 + atk = 5 + 5 = 10)
[5:37:35 PM] Chuck Norris: (Roll again?)
[5:41:33 PM] Butterscotchi: (yeah, roll to defend, missy!)
[5:43:07 PM] Chuck Norris: (2d6 5 + 1 = 6 + 6 (def) = 12)
[5:48:22 PM] Chuck Norris: (Roll again big boy. Razz)
[5:49:10 PM] Butterscotchi: Having a magical girl on your head is actually a really difficult thing to deal with
[5:49:18 PM] Butterscotchi: without taking off your own head in the process
[5:49:26 PM] Butterscotchi: so the Youma missed, again
[6:02:10 PM] Chuck Norris: (2d6 3 + 6 = 9 + 6 (atk) = 15)
[6:02:48 PM] Chuck Norris: Mika fires more fireballs hoping it will scorch the Youmas' head through.
[6:05:47 PM] Butterscotchi: (2d6 + def = 4 + 5 + 4 = 13)
[6:05:58 PM] Butterscotchi: They totally do explode straight through the Youmas head
[6:06:09 PM] Butterscotchi: The nightmare seems to suck itself inwards
[6:06:21 PM] Butterscotchi: The water licks up out of the street and dives into the body of the Youma
[6:06:35 PM] Butterscotchi: The ice chunks sink into the ground
[6:06:48 PM] Butterscotchi: The twisted metal trees uncurl and flower into shiny metal buildings
[6:07:05 PM] Butterscotchi: Theres a slight popping noise as the nightmare zone completely dissappears from existance
[6:09:57 PM] Chuck Norris: "Plenta? Are you still around?"
[6:10:29 PM] Butterscotchi: Plenta poked its head out from behind a trash can, then scurried over.
[6:11:01 PM] Butterscotchi: The magical red gem which had transformed Mika earlier, shone bright and then hovered in front of her. The magical outfit had dissappeared, leaving her in her school uniform again
[6:11:45 PM] Chuck Norris: "Plenta, what happens now"?
[6:12:24 PM] Butterscotchi: Plenta looked around
[6:12:32 PM] Butterscotchi: "Well, you fought a youma! And won! SOrtof."
[6:12:46 PM] Butterscotchi: "It didn't have any minions or anything, so I guess it wasn't that strong."
[6:12:57 PM] Butterscotchi: "Which means it didn't drop an oblivion seed- sorry!"
[6:13:01 PM] Butterscotchi: It didn't seem sorry at all.
[6:15:55 PM] Butterscotchi: ((what are your overcharge stats atm?))
[6:17:36 PM] Chuck Norris: +4 on Magic
+5 on Fury
+8 on Heart
[6:18:20 PM] Butterscotchi: You feel your heart tug, beat, beat faster than it should, and Plenta gives you a funny look.
[6:18:30 PM] Butterscotchi: "Something is about to happen to you, we should leave this crowded street..."
[6:18:51 PM] Chuck Norris: "Yeah, I'm too exhausted to do anything."
[6:19:35 PM] Butterscotchi: Plenta tugs at her leg, seeming rather urgent.
[6:19:45 PM] Chuck Norris: "What is it Plenta?"
[6:19:53 PM] Butterscotchi: "No, you really should move. There are people here, and you look very unwell."
[6:20:08 PM] Butterscotchi: The people on the sidewalk in the city were indeed giving Mika a strange look
[6:20:14 PM | Edited 6:20:28 PM] Chuck Norris: Mika hides in an alleyway with Plenta.
[6:20:52 PM] Butterscotchi: ((Roll 2d6 and tell me the two numbers))
[6:21:17 PM] Chuck Norris: (2d6 6 + 6 = 12)
[6:21:21 PM] Butterscotchi: Plenta scurried over onto Mikas neck, giving her a soft fuzzy feeling.
[6:21:39 PM] Butterscotchi: In front of them, in the alleyway, a peach tree began to sprout
[6:22:00 PM] Butterscotchi: It grew up and up, a little taller than a person standing up, and covered Mika completely.
[6:22:28 PM] Butterscotchi: It was obviously some form of magic, and in fact, Mika probably felt a little relieved (Your magic overcharge has returned to 0 )
[6:22:58 PM] Butterscotchi: A passerby near the alley does a double take when they see the tree growing so fast, and rubs their eyes.
[6:23:02 PM] Butterscotchi: They move on, quickly.
[6:23:11 PM] Butterscotchi: But still, something inside Mika was not quite right.
[6:23:19 PM] Butterscotchi: Her heart still beat uncontrollably fast
[6:23:28 PM] Butterscotchi: ((Roll another two d6's))
[6:25:17 PM] Butterscotchi: She was being hidden by the spontaneous peach tree, and the darkness of the alley, so at least whatever was about to happen wouldn't be spotted by normal people--
[6:25:51 PM] Chuck Norris: (2d6 5 + 6 = 11)
[6:26:12 PM] Butterscotchi: (no, they dont need to be added. This one counts as a 56)
[6:26:38 PM] Butterscotchi: Mika felt herself shiver, and shrink.
[6:26:44 PM] Butterscotchi: The world around her grew larger and larger.
[6:26:55 PM] Butterscotchi: The weight of Plenta on her shoulder became heavier and heavier
[6:27:22 PM] Butterscotchi: The feeling of fuzz growing all over her body, eyes sharpening slightly, fingers receeding into paws
[6:28:11 PM] Butterscotchi: A burst of energy pulsed out from her heart, encompassing her new, small, animal form.
[6:28:20 PM] Butterscotchi: And Mikas heart returned to normal
[6:28:30 PM] Butterscotchi: Plenta blinked, now sitting eye-to-eye with Mika.
[6:28:59 PM] Butterscotchi: "Well, it appears you strained your heart so much that you've caused a permanent change"
[6:29:21 PM] Butterscotchi: Plenta shrugged "Its part of the fallout of using magic."
[6:29:44 PM] Chuck Norris: "Do I still get to use my powers if needed in a fight?"
[6:30:20 PM] Butterscotchi: Plenta nodded "In fact, when you change into your battle form, into your magical dress, you'll be human again"
[6:30:36 PM] Butterscotchi: "But for now, and for all the rest of your life, you look like me."
[6:30:49 PM] Butterscotchi: There was a bottle lying in the alley, with a reflective surface,
[6:31:26 PM] Butterscotchi: In the mirrored image, Mika would be able to see the face of a ferret, in tones of red and orange.
[6:31:39 PM] Butterscotchi: With bright, unnaturally blue eyes.
[6:31:57 PM] Chuck Norris: "Guess I need to find a way to change back."
[6:32:32 PM] Butterscotchi: Plenta grinned. "Actually, theres only one way I know of"
[6:32:58 PM] Butterscotchi: "You see, if you gather 13 oblivion seeds, you are granted a wish"
[6:33:25 PM] Chuck Norris: "So I have to wait for 13 different threats to come just to become human?"
[6:34:31 PM] Butterscotchi: "Well... no"
[6:34:38 PM] Butterscotchi: "I mean, you could go hunting for them"
[6:34:46 PM] Butterscotchi: "But you might die, or strain yourself even more"
[6:34:56 PM] Butterscotchi: "And...well, other things can happen to you"
[6:35:08 PM] Chuck Norris: "Is there any other way I can revert back?"
[6:35:09 PM] Butterscotchi: It hummed to itself "Hmm...I suppose I should have told you all this earlier."
[6:35:44 PM] Butterscotchi: "Not that I know of. Not unless some burst of magic transforms you into something else, I guess?"
[6:36:44 PM] Chuck Norris: "Do you know of this?"
[6:39:24 PM] Butterscotchi: "Of what now?" Plenta blinked
[6:41:10 PM] Chuck Norris: "The magical way of transforming me back?"
[6:43:28 PM] Butterscotchi: "Oh, well, I can't do it."
[6:43:33 PM] Butterscotchi: "Im not a magical girl"
[6:43:40 PM] Butterscotchi: It nods "Only you can change you back"
[6:43:56 PM] Butterscotchi: "WHether thats by gathering 13 oblivion seeds, or by straining yourself and causing another transformation"
[6:44:08 PM] Butterscotchi: "Either way if you ever want to be normal again, you're going to have to keep fighting"
[6:44:17 PM] Chuck Norris: Okay.
[6:44:42 PM] Butterscotchi: ((Shall we end it there?))
[6:44:45 PM] Butterscotchi: ((yes, we shall.))

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Mikas Magical Massacre Empty Re: Mikas Magical Massacre

Post by Itchigotchi on Tue Feb 03, 2015 4:55 am

Where were we?
[6:46:06 PM] Chuck Norris: Mika in the tree?
[6:46:28 PM] Butterscotchi: Ah, yes.
[6:46:54 PM] Butterscotchi: The tree continued to stand, oddly out of place in the alleyway
[6:47:15 PM] Butterscotchi: But a set of girls shoes, clothing, and a backpack were in a small pile at its base
[6:47:32 PM] Chuck Norris: ((I'm naked?!?!))
[6:47:33 PM] Butterscotchi: With the girl who owned them nowhere to be seen
[6:47:44 PM] Butterscotchi: Because she was now a ferret.
[6:48:36 PM] Butterscotchi: Plenta waved to the now pint-sized Mika
[6:48:56 PM] Chuck Norris: Mika walks to Plenta now in all fours.
[6:49:24 PM] Butterscotchi: Plenta laughed a little, finding it rather funny to watch a girl get used to being a ferret.
[6:49:42 PM] Butterscotchi: "You will become used to travelling on all fours, don't worry."
[6:50:08 PM | Edited 6:50:17 PM] Chuck Norris: "What about my clothes?"
[6:50:30 PM] Butterscotchi: "Well, they dont fit you anymore"
[6:50:49 PM] Chuck Norris: "So I'm naked when I fight!?!?!?!"
[6:51:18 PM] Butterscotchi: Plenta shrugged "You humans are so strange with your need for cloth apparell."
[6:51:30 PM] Butterscotchi: "But no, when you fight, you'll transform into your magical outfit"
[6:52:51 PM] Chuck Norris: "You better buy me new clothes when I get my wish back."
[6:53:29 PM] Butterscotchi: "You can always just wish for clothes"
[6:53:37 PM] Butterscotchi: It hummed "But that might be a waste of a wish"
[6:53:56 PM] Butterscotchi: "In any case, I don't have any of your earth currency to trade for cloth"
[6:54:14 PM] Chuck Norris: "Fine, I'll just find monsters to fight."
[6:54:38 PM] Butterscotchi: Plenta nodded and just sat there.
[6:54:44 PM] Butterscotchi: The city went on with its business.
[6:55:00 PM] Butterscotchi: Nothing much was out of the ordinary, not that a ferret in an alleyway could tell, in any case
[6:55:57 PM] Chuck Norris: Mika waits until the night to make sure no one sees her in her new ferret body and crawls over with Plenta to the forests.
[6:56:21 PM] Butterscotchi: Plenta hopped alongside Mika, and they both scampered towards the outskirts of the city.
[6:57:00 PM] Butterscotchi: It was getting dark, and late.
[6:57:25 PM] Butterscotchi: Somewhere elsewhere in the city, Mikas family fretted. They had recieved a call she'd run away from school, and still hadn't returned home.
[6:59:24 PM] Chuck Norris: Mika talked to her head, "Oh no, that's worst than simply seeing me in my own ferret body".
Mika feels a level of guilt.
[7:00:05 PM] Butterscotchi: Plenta looked sideways at Mika, noticing some distress.
[7:00:20 PM] Chuck Norris: "Where Plenta?" said Mika.
[7:00:27 PM] Butterscotchi: "Where?"
[7:00:38 PM] Butterscotchi: It blinked and tilted its head, green eyes staring.
[7:00:53 PM] Butterscotchi: "I'm not exactly a youma-sensing radar, you know."
[7:01:42 PM] Butterscotchi: "But, I can tell you that they're less likely to be around here, in the forest. They seem connected to human emotions."
[7:06:34 PM] Butterscotchi: The forest did indeed seem bereft of larger forms of life.
[7:06:45 PM] Butterscotchi: There were bugs, and the skitterings of other creatures
[7:07:12 PM] Butterscotchi: city rats, some raccoons and squirrels were running about as the sun went down
[7:07:25 PM] Butterscotchi: and the things that fed on them were also moving about, stealthily.
[7:07:57 PM] Butterscotchi: ((Roll 2d6 + Insight))
[7:11:16 PM] Chuck Norris: 2d6 1 + 1 + 4 (insight) = 6
[7:11:59 PM] Butterscotchi: Mika didn't notice, but in fact, some of the creatures in the dark were stalking her, too.
[7:12:20 PM] Butterscotchi: There was a screech and cry as a predatory bird swooped down at her, picking her up in its claws.
[7:13:42 PM] Butterscotchi: The claws were bony, sharp, hard, and lifted her up and away from Plenta, who was conveniently hiding under a root, as all good alien-mice should.
[7:17:09 PM] Chuck Norris: Mika attempts to struggle as she gets taken away from Plenta. Mika attempts to bite the bird's leg.
[7:17:37 PM] Butterscotchi: ((Roll 2d6 + Tenacity))
[7:18:32 PM] Chuck Norris: ((2d6 3 + 3 + 5 (tenacity) = 11))
[7:19:25 PM] Butterscotchi: ((The eagle only got Cool)
[7:19:32 PM] Butterscotchi: The eagle tried to regain its grip
[7:19:46 PM] Butterscotchi: but the writhing mass of fur and fury in its claws was too much effort
[7:20:05 PM] Butterscotchi: And once it was bitten, it dropped Mika instantly.
[7:20:13 PM] Butterscotchi: From 3 stories up in the air.
[7:20:40 PM] Chuck Norris: Mika tries to find a tree to land on to break the fall.
[7:21:01 PM] Butterscotchi: You're in a forest. She definately does find a tree. In fact, many of them.
[7:21:24 PM] Butterscotchi: As she falls, she bumps against leaves, then twigs, then sticks and branches
[7:22:51 PM] Butterscotchi: Its a rough ride for a tiny animal, but at least she has slowed down a bit by the time she lands with a WHUMP on a thick oak branch
[7:23:29 PM] Chuck Norris: Mika searches around for Plenta.
[7:24:39 PM] Butterscotchi: Despite all the bruises and small cuts on her back, Mika clung to the one thing that could help her through this new nightmare existance, and looked around for Plenta.
[7:24:56 PM] Butterscotchi: The little mouse was nowhere to be seen.
[7:25:25 PM] Butterscotchi: (( Roll 2d6 + insight to deduce stuff about Plenta))
[7:26:14 PM] Chuck Norris: ((2d6 3 + 3 = 6 + 4 (insight) = 10))
[7:27:02 PM] Butterscotchi: Mika had a gut feeling that the little alien mouse would be fine on its own, though. It seemed just creepy enough to deter most wild animals.
[7:28:02 PM | Edited 7:28:09 PM] Chuck Norris: Mika trusts her instinct and continues to search for Plenta to avoid getting lost.
[7:28:35 PM] Butterscotchi: While crawling around in the now-darkness
[7:28:45 PM] Butterscotchi: Mika would notice a light, further off.
[7:29:01 PM] Butterscotchi: There was also the sound of a road, somewhere to her left.
[7:29:16 PM] Chuck Norris: Mika travels there looking for Plenta.
[7:30:09 PM] Butterscotchi: Where? Towards the light or the road noise?
[7:30:18 PM] Chuck Norris: The light.
[7:31:30 PM] Butterscotchi: As the ferret-girl found her way towards the light, she would realize it was actually coming from multiple sources. Garden lights, in a cottages front lawn.
[7:31:51 PM] Butterscotchi: They were box-shaped, and glowed slightly yellow, as if their globes needed replacing.
[7:32:08 PM] Butterscotchi: The building itself didn't look like the majority of city houses. No steel, no glass or aluminium.
[7:32:39 PM] Butterscotchi: This was an old fashioned shack. Bits of wood, cloth and cardboard covering the windows.
[7:32:45 PM] Chuck Norris: Plenta?
[7:32:55 PM] Chuck Norris: Mika walks around searching for Plenta around.
[7:33:10 PM] Butterscotchi: There was no sign of the little grey mouse, but Mika felt something else tug at her.
[7:33:26 PM] Chuck Norris: Mika turns around to see what it is.
[7:33:38 PM] Butterscotchi: Strangely enough, her new animal form was wearing a collar- on the collar was that same gemstone she used to transform.
[7:34:08 PM] Butterscotchi: Her collar had tugged her in the direction of the house, and she felt something sickening in the pit of her stomach.
[7:35:39 PM] Butterscotchi: There was something a little strange about the house, and yard, actually, but she couldn't pick it.
[7:35:50 PM] Butterscotchi: ((2d6 + Insight))
[7:36:17 PM] Chuck Norris: ((2d6 5 + 2 = 7 + 4 (insight) = 11))
[7:36:47 PM] Butterscotchi: There were a number of things wrong with this picture, she noticed.
[7:36:56 PM] Butterscotchi: The first one that despite having a house here, there was no path.
[7:37:44 PM] Butterscotchi: The second, and more noticeable one, was that despite the garden lights having power, and the lawn being mowed, the house was in a terrible state of disrepair.
[7:38:23 PM] Chuck Norris: Mika follows where her collar is signalling her.
[7:40:32 PM] Butterscotchi: It tugged her out onto the lawn, where the square garden lights turned slowly into round ones.
[7:41:05 PM | Edited 7:41:13 PM] Chuck Norris: Mika walks closer looking for Plenta.
[7:41:34 PM] Butterscotchi: The garden lights became completely spherical and began to roll around.
[7:42:04 PM] Chuck Norris: Mika walks closer knowing she'll be okay.
[7:42:37 PM] Butterscotchi: One of the round garden balls bounced, and the others began bouncing, and they were beginning to bounce rather close to ferret-Mika
[7:42:59 PM] Butterscotchi: Until finally, as she got closer and closer to the house doorstep, one launched itself at her
[7:43:21 PM] Chuck Norris: Mika runs away from the bouncing balls.
[7:44:22 PM] Butterscotchi: Unfortunately, having four very short legs makes you slightly less slow than an animated sphere which already has speed, and the garden lights all threw themselves at her.
[7:44:53 PM] Butterscotchi: The stone on her collar glowed, and she felt a strange compulsion to press it, to touch it, like that other time she transformed.
[7:45:04 PM] Butterscotchi: (into her magical girl outfit- remember last time?)
[7:45:10 PM] Chuck Norris: (Yeah.)
[7:46:49 PM] Butterscotchi: Meanwhile, the globes of light were coming in fast.
[7:47:26 PM] Butterscotchi: They all smashed into Mikas side, and she automatically felt the blooming light of the transformation occur, in order to protect herself.
[7:47:53 PM] Butterscotchi: ((Take 3 points away from your resolve, because you got hit))
[7:48:32 PM] Chuck Norris: (Temporarily?)
[7:48:57 PM] Butterscotchi: ((For this battle, at least. you're now at 15/18 resolve))
[7:49:39 PM] Butterscotchi: She felt her legs and arm grow longer, fur receede and hair grow out, as well as her magical girl outfit wrap itself around her.
[7:50:16 PM] Chuck Norris: "Woah, I finally got clothes, hair and limbs." said Mika.
[7:51:56 PM] Butterscotchi: Now the garden lights seemed no more than tennisballs, but they formed a flurry and flew in to attack again
[7:52:35 PM] Chuck Norris: Mika fires fireballs in her defence to block them from hitting her again.
[7:53:00 PM] Butterscotchi: ((Roll 2d6 + Attack))
[7:53:32 PM] Chuck Norris: ((2d6 5 + 6 = 11 + 6 (Attack) = 17))
[7:54:08 PM] Butterscotchi: ((The globes got a measly 5 LOL))
[7:54:30 PM] Butterscotchi: The fireballs seem quite effective, possibly because they're almost the same size as the globes
[7:54:49 PM] Butterscotchi: and some of them shattersmash into twinkling pieces of firey light that die out against the night sky
[7:55:11 PM] Butterscotchi: ((Roll a d6 for damage))
[7:55:38 PM] Chuck Norris: ((d6 2 + 17 = 19))
[7:59:17 PM] Butterscotchi: ((No, no i just meant-- oh shit, you got a 6 on your previous roll didn't you LOL oh god here we go again))
[7:59:58 PM] Chuck Norris: ((I rolled the second time because I got a 6.))
[8:00:00 PM] Butterscotchi: ((Okay, what was your fury score last time? Add one to that))
[8:00:27 PM] Butterscotchi: ((Oh, it was 5. Okay, your fury overcharge is now on 6))
[8:00:41 PM] Chuck Norris: ((You got it recorded?))
[8:00:50 PM] Butterscotchi: Mika lashed out with anger at those stupid little light globes
[8:01:03 PM] Butterscotchi: Smashing each and every one of them, like some kind of fireweilding tennis pro
[8:02:12 PM] Butterscotchi: As the glitterglass slowly fell to the ground, Mika would probably realize that she's in another NIghtmare zone.
[8:02:22 PM] Butterscotchi: Things like that didn't just happen in a normal forest.
[8:03:53 PM] Chuck Norris: Mika wonders where the enemy is hiding.
[8:05:03 PM] Butterscotchi: She can tell that she's on the edge of the nightmare zone- the forest is right there, and its definately real. The lawn was slightly less real, and the house is the most surreal of all.
[8:05:17 PM] Butterscotchi: It would seem going towards the weirdness would mean going deeper into a nightmare.
[8:05:41 PM] Chuck Norris: Mika walks closer into the nightmare zone looking out for Plenta.
[8:07:33 PM] Butterscotchi: As she set foot on the doorstep of the house, the doorhandle seemed to wiggle to life. It was a twisted knob of wood, rather grotesque, but with a sortof mouth.
[8:08:03 PM] Butterscotchi: The wood creaked. Or maybe it was the wind. Or maybe it was the whole house, because the damn thing looked so old.
[8:08:37 PM] Chuck Norris: Mika looks inside using her flame powers as a torch.
[8:09:25 PM] Butterscotchi: Without bothering with the door or the door handle, Mika attempted to torch open the door to look inside.
[8:09:47 PM] Butterscotchi: ((This sorcery is medium difficulty, roll 2d6 + support))
[8:11:01 PM] Chuck Norris: ((2d6 6 + 2 = 8 + 6 (Support) = 14))
[8:12:09 PM] Butterscotchi: Unfortunately, Mika still didn't really know how to control her sorcery, and as her hand caught fire, the wood screamed and yelled at her, from its disgusting little mouth-hole in the doorknob.
[8:12:26 PM] Butterscotchi: "Pthf thtyh aiydati!!!"
[8:12:48 PM] Butterscotchi: "Pthf thtyh aiydati!!!"
[8:13:45 PM] Butterscotchi: Mika felt some overcharge, some frustration, build up within her magic, as it wasn't able to properly express itself ((Add one magic overcharge))
[8:14:31 PM] Chuck Norris: ((How much overcharge I got in Magic?))
[8:15:01 PM] Butterscotchi: ((You got rid of most of it by accidentally growing that tree actually, so you were at 0. Now you're at 1.))
[8:15:22 PM] Chuck Norris: ((Okay.))
[8:15:40 PM] Butterscotchi: The door was still blocking her, but now it was yelling at her.
[8:16:39 PM] Chuck Norris: Mika attempts to forcefully open the door again.
[8:17:20 PM] Butterscotchi: Pushing on the door without using sorcery gave her a better result, surprisingly
[8:17:30 PM] Butterscotchi: Though, the little door-mouth squirmed underneath her fingers.
[8:17:40 PM] Butterscotchi: It felt really gross and intrusive.
[8:17:51 PM] Butterscotchi: "tTSUytw???"
[8:18:03 PM] Butterscotchi: It asked, not allowing the door to be opened
[8:18:18 PM] Butterscotchi: ((Roll 2d6 + Charm, and respond))
[8:19:17 PM] Chuck Norris: ((2d6 4 + 2 = 6 + 5 (Charm) = 11))
[8:19:56 PM] Butterscotchi: ((Ooh, the door got a 10! Good job door!))
[8:20:12 PM] Butterscotchi: "tTSUytw???"
[8:20:20 PM] Butterscotchi: It implored again, from underneath her fingers.
[8:20:47 PM] Chuck Norris: "I'd like to explore what's inside the house if you don't mind."
[8:21:23 PM] Butterscotchi: The doorknob somehow managed to blow a raspberry with a wooden tongue, and it dissolved into the door, which swung open.
[8:21:50 PM] Butterscotchi: The inside of the house was dark, as all the windows had been covered up.
[8:22:04 PM] Butterscotchi: Or was it? Maybe it was a swirl of dark colours, mixing to create blackness.
[8:22:30 PM] Chuck Norris: Mika creates an orb of fire from her hand to act as a torchlight.
[8:23:00 PM] Butterscotchi: ((Easy sorcery. 2d6 + support, get over 13 to succeed))
[8:23:54 PM | Edited 8:24:03 PM] Chuck Norris: ((2d6 4 + 4 = 8 + 6 (Support) = 14))
[8:26:32 PM] Butterscotchi: An orb of fire quivered from Mikas hand, but she felt a little strange while doing it, as if creating fire from herself had pushed more fire out into her skin. Mika was now mildly sunburnt.
[8:32:13 PM] Chuck Norris: Mika searches the place for anything useful.
[8:38:27 PM] Chuck Norris: ((Itchi?))
[8:38:56 PM] Butterscotchi: ((Sorry! I'm kinda cold and tired and I got distracted by hobbits))
[8:39:14 PM] Butterscotchi: Inside the house is bigger than it should have been, and there dont appear to be any corners.
[8:39:49 PM] Butterscotchi: As you walk towards a wall, you feel the floor turning, moving like the wood of the doorknob, and rotating you in such a way that you can never touch the wall
[8:40:45 PM] Chuck Norris: Mika looks around to see how long can the floor stretch.
[8:41:54 PM] Butterscotchi: Your eyes decieve you- the floor isn't stretching at all.
[8:42:15 PM] Chuck Norris: Mika wonders what is happening.
[8:43:31 PM] Butterscotchi: There was a creak creak creak from the corner
[8:43:36 PM] Butterscotchi: which shouldnt exist
[8:43:39 PM] Butterscotchi: the one corner
[8:43:46 PM] Butterscotchi: in a house which had four walls.
[8:45:06 PM] Butterscotchi: In the corner was a Youma, with legs bent crooked and wooden, in the shape of a rocking chair. Its body looked like a pile of knitted scarves in the seat of the chair, and it had claws of crochet hooks.
[8:45:37 PM] Butterscotchi: Its face was a tangle of string, or hair, or maybe it was just a really wrinkly face. It was hard to tell, in the shadowy corner.

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