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Post by Truly_An_Cat on Mon Jun 17, 2013 12:55 pm

Aw maaaan, I didn't realize MCL deleted old messages! So much I've lost!

Here's what's what, as far as ideas go (Itchigotchi, feel free to crrect me.)

Protagonist goes to some high school somewhere, but the highschool won't be an important setting and rarely, if ever, shown.
Protagonist has the ability to see and interact with spirits, not everybody has this ability.
Protagonist goes looking for work, and finds it at GOATS (Generally Outstanding Agency of Tortured Spirits (or something)).
She is cynical (aka, "a jerk") and often "brutally honest" (aka, "a jerk").

They aren't as prevalent as living people-- they wander around sometimes but aren't a huge percentage of the populace.
They are bound to earth as restless spirits-- the Agency actually works to settle affairs so the ghosts can rest in peace. 
They can become ornery. One branch of the story relies on this.

The Agency is a small (or maybe we only see a small portion of it)... agency. It's function is to calm restless spirits by pairing them up and finding them love. It's a big Ghost Dating Service, but it's not as petty as it sounds. Ghosts that stay on the Earth for too long can cause a variety of negative effects; anything from reducing general morale in a large area, to causing extreme and sudden depression in those around them, to taking on "monstrous" forms.
The Agency (Or at least what we see of it), is run by a tall, mysterious woman, whose general demeanour is mischievous, and who seems to know just about everything that's going on. Working under her are two male employees, and now, Protagonist, as well.

Story Structure
Right now, the idea is that by the end of chapter one, the player will have set themselves on one of two paths. In the A Path, "Date", Protagonist can pursue a relationship with one of the Agency employees, a ghost, or maybe even her best friend. In the B Path, "Die", Ghostgirlfriend has broken up with one of the Agency boys based on the player's action, and the story explores the ghost's effects on the local area, and explores what ghosts can really do. I imagine this ending with a climactic confrontation with a "monster", but I reckon Itchigotchi would prefer there to be more subtle ending, probably with someone dying (maybe that's "Cool Ending" and "Deep Ending", specifically).

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